Rainbow made

a sharper finish at the City2Surf.

Under Armour wanted to have a presence at Sydney’s popular City2Surf running event and support their top influencers, by sending them gear to run in.

With the main event on the horizon, we were tasked with quickly turning around a custom gift box, insert and premium sleeve in the run up to City2Surf.

Along with a box capable of fitting a wide range of shoe sizes, and self-locking insert that could hold the runner’s race papers, Under Armour wanted a premium black paper with silver embossing.

Having perfected a box design, and sourced red cloth and ribbon an exact match for UA’s brand colours, we turned to the challenge of the sleeve.

The focus here was to ensure the thickness of the paper didn’t lead to cracking on the folds, while the silver foil finish was applied with enough pressure to look debossed, without feeling too heavy. The sleeve also had to effortlessly glide over the custom box.

By taking the time to experiment with application pressure for the foils, and planning folds around the grain of the paper, we were able to deliver on time to a premium standard.

Sometimes an innate understanding of materials, and the patience to explore variations in approach, can make all the difference.