Rainbow made

Decathlon a stand built for endurance.

A new entrant to the Australian market, sports retailer Decathlon was playing catch up. But with such a strong offering, they were soon punching above their weight. We created a custom podium to showcase their monthly magazine.

Decathlon’s magazine and sales catalogue is a great way to discover the brand. Available online and in-store, it features all the latest product lines and some great deals. Positioned in partner stores, such as Ikea, it also serves as a great way to reach new customers.

Working closely with Decathlon’s in-house team, we developed a series of prototypes, and fine tuned a design that not only had the structural ability to support a large volume of magazines and survive the day to day demands of a shop floor, but promote and present the brand in the best light.

Each stand was made from 100% recycled content, and designed to last at least a year, despite being light enough to ship economically.