Rainbow made

Under Armour a talking point for runners.

Proving you don’t need a huge budget to make a big impact, Under Armour generated a buzz around their latest HOVR range, by sharing an exclusive custom made box of goodies with some of their top influencers.

We were commissioned to design, make and fulfil a premium gift box to house custom HOVR Machina trainers, apparel and information, tailored to each of 40 key influencers.
We started by assembling a joint team across four business, collaborating with UA’s designers to comply with brand guidelines. Together, we created a custom box that was a stylish slip-case printed inside and out. 
As a slip-case, it was essential to have a flush finish, with no cracking on the folds, or joins that might impact the perfect glide. We achieved this by working with a specialist finishing company and using ultra-clear polypropylene.  
Finally, by digitally printing the transparent inserts with a base white under the images, we were able to create a vibrant pop of colour, maintaining the premium feel of the materials in the images.