Rainbow made

deep impact for Theragun

Theragun make hand-held percussive therapy massage devices for athletes and sports fanatics. We helped them command a presence in Stylerunner’s new Melbourne Flagship store.

Since people have been spending so much time at home in 2020, home fitness and sports equipment sales are booming.  Spotting an opportunity to build their brand, young USA brand Theragun wanted to make the most of the opening of the new Stylerunner store in Armadale, and create a striking point of sale for their deep-tissue massagers.

With disruptions to the supply-chain in China, and the opening date just around the corner, Theragun turned to Rainbow to design, build and deliver three high-quality point of sale stands in just two weeks.

The tight deadline meant we had to re-imagine our usual process, and think a little more laterally to create an outstanding piece. Having settled on the concept of a freestanding product display plinth with integrated storage, we engaged traditional local craftsman to work on something a little different to their usual trade.

They created customised cradles to hold the product for demonstration, plinth tops hand-made in a wood-turning workshop and enamel painted finishing for durability and impact.

The result was a set of three iconic plinths that brought the product and Theragun brand to life, shipped and installed in Stylerunner's new Melbourne store.

Sometimes it takes a little left-of-field thinking to achieve the best results. Wood turners and panel beaters don’t often get involved in marketing campaigns, but as this project shows, a little resourcefulness can go a long way.